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8 Simple Ways To Keep Your Valuables Safe

A burglary is successful only through opportunity.  Burglars do not have a lot of time looking for things in a home to steal. This is a reason why there are a few obvious locations which they target.  This means, there are ways available to outsmart them and keep your valuables in not-so-obvious places. Depending on their…
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Everything You Need to Know About Window Sensors

Window sensors are essential gadgets for comprehensive home security systems. They can immediately notify you in case someone attempts to access your home from a window. This device works through a  switch and a magnet attached to a window frame and a pane. Till the time your window stays closed, the magnet keeps the switch’s…
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5 Best Smart Locks For Your Home Security

A smart lock is one of the most important accessories of a smart and well-connected home. Smart lock monitors the people who are entering and leaving your home when you are away. Some models let you use your phone to open and close doors, while advanced locks let you assign special privileges to friends, family members, or…
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