3 Smart Lights For Beautiful Homes

Do you think that smart lights are much more expensive as compared to the bulbs which you are using on a regular basis? Then you'll be glad to know that you are wrong!

Take a look at some of these smart lights to explore how they can change the look of your home.


1. Philips Hue Lights

Philips Hue is a market leader and offers a wide variety of bulbs which have different fittings, and they will surely work with your current setup. The company also offers the LED light strips, ceiling fixtures, and attractive lamps, which are portable and battery-powered. Moreover, the lights have the Hue range which offers dimmer switches and motion sensors to automatically start the lights when you walk through. These lights are especially useful for places like the bathroom and passages.
Another important thing to remember about the hue lights is that they need a bridge to function. It connects to the connects to your router and you only need one light per house.   The Hue bulbs are available in a wide range of fittings, like A19, B22, BR30, E12, E14, E27 and GU10.

Philips has also made an interesting addition of allowing the third-party app developers to control their products. The Hue app will also offer enough control for most of the users and the other apps bring more features.

Other than the smartphone apps, you can also control the Philips Hue lights by issuing voice commands to Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.


2. Lifx Lights

Although this is a relatively new company, still Lifx is considered as one of the biggest rivals of Philips. The Lifx bulbs generally cost more or equivalent to the Phillips Hue but they are a bit brighter. Another benefit of the Lifx system is that the bulbs do not use a hub and can be directly connected to the router.

Lifx also offers a range of bulbs with a wide range of fittings like A19, BR30, E26, E27, B22, and GU10. Lifx also sells LED light strips for mood lighting. Similar to Phillips Hue lights, the Lifx lights can be set to switch on gradually in the morning for stimulating sunrise and dim gradually at night at bedtime.


3. Wiz Lights

The Wiz smart bulbs are directly connected to your Wi-Fi and do not use a separate hub or bridge. If you already have a smart hub in your home then you can connect the Wiz bulbs by using the IFTTT or Conrad Connect. Another cool feature of the Wiz lights is the vacation mode, which you can select from the system's smartphone app. This mode automatically switches the lights on and off to resemble that there are people at home and hence deter the burglars. You can control the Wiz smart lights with the companion smartphone app, voice commands to Alexa and Google Assistant.


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