3 Tips to Secure Your WiFi Enabled Camera from Intruders

WiFi Home enabled cameras are specifically designed to minimize the risk of intruders from getting into your home and ensuring the safety and security of your family. While these wireless home surveillance cameras have numerous benefits, there is also a wide range of potential security concerns associated with them.

WiFi enabled cameras aren’t secure as you might be thinking. Unfortunately, here are a few of the tips to secure your WiFi enabled camera from intruders.


Create a Strong Password for WiFi Cameras

Certainly, you might not remember to create a password or even have the feeling that WiFi cameras do not enable passwords. This truly leaves an avenue for prospective hackers to gain easy access to your devices. And through these devices, they’ll also be able to access the wireless network with which it is connected.

Obviously, many do not consider changing the default passwords of their WiFi monitoring systems after purchase. Often times, this is extremely dangerous as many intruders may find a way around it and gain easy access to your camera. In order to solve this, you should make it a point of duty to replace your default passwords with a strong one. You are allowed to combine both upper and lower cases, symbols, and numbers. The level of complexity of your password determines how difficult it is to be guessed.


Turn off Remote Online Monitoring

Indeed, many of the modern-day WiFi enabled surveillance cameras give room for remote viewing. With this, you can have full access to monitor your home even while you are far away. However, there is a growing concern that apps or websites can easily log into security cameras which implies that these cameras can be exposed to hackers. So, the best thing is to consider switching off this feature on your WiFi enabled camera, especially at the times you are not using it.


Regular Update of the Firmware’s Camera

In order to enhance the performance of your WiFi enabled camera, you should consider updating the firmware at regular intervals. With this, you’ll be able to fix some flaws and benefit from the features of the latest ones. In order to do this, you should check the official website of your camera’s manufacturer for updates and guides on how to do this.


There you have it! Perhaps a few of the ways to secure your WiFi enabled camera from intruders. We hope these will help you improve your security.

And if you don't have a security camera installed at your home at all, then it's time to get it done!

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