3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Natural Disasters

Natural disasters like floods, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hail and tropical storms can occur anytime; depending on the season. So, it is necessary that you plan a practical security solution for your home to prevent damage and destruction.

But, how exactly? Here is your answer. Go through these three simple steps and better protect your home during such natural calamities.


Home Safety Tips for Common Natural Disasters


Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

You can stay prepared for these hazards by installing hurricane shutters and an extra sturdy garage door and door frame with hurricane straps.



Hails usually damage the roofs, glass windows, and doors of your home. In this case, you can install hurricane shutters and get a roof hail damage insurance.



Protect your home from a tornado by strengthening the roof gables and outer roofing.



To deal with wildfires, you may install mesh screening under porches and decks, above the vents, on the openings on your roofs and outside your home. By doing this, you may stay away from the flaming debris and flying sparks entering your home.



During floods, you need to turn off all the electronic appliances in your home, like the furnace, water heater, electric gadgets and so on. You can also consider waterproofing your walls to stop the water from getting inside. Also, put a two-port check-valves in your drain.


Tips to Keep Your Home Safe During Natural Disasters


1. Get an insurance.

Remember that a homeowner’s insurance is much different from mortgage insurance. Not all insurances always offer full coverage for damage due to natural disasters. However, you might get a partial coverage for your home damage due to natural calamities.

So, apart from being prepared, taking precautions and securing your home externally, you can always take a step ahead and get a separate insurance for the natural disasters which are most likely to hit your region.


2. Build a safety room.

One of the smartest ways to protect yourself from the natural disasters is to build a safe room for all the home members. This room should be designed according to the necessities and size of the family and should have a utility closet or storage room for the times of such an emergency.


3. Find out the damages and get it repaired quickly.

Immediately after the natural disaster strikes, you should check the roof and walls both inside out and look if anything is torn, broken or missing. Also, take pictures, and have the appropriate repairs done right away.


Home security is not limited to natural disasters. You also need to keep your home protected at all times; and for that, you need a full proof home security system which will take care of every safety imperative. At Security Alarms Company, we believe in reliability and excellence, and our security services to reflect the same.

Call us today to see how we can work together to get your home secured in the best way possible!

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