4 Holiday Safety Tips – at Home & Away from Home

A holiday is an earned interval where you can relax, enjoy and spend precious moments with your family members or friends. But always remember that security comes first, make sure that before you go for any vacation, you need to think about home safety to secure your place.

If you are planning for a vacation, then in this article, we are going to share with you some holiday safety tips to keep yourself and your beloved ones safe.


Make sure your travel plans are offline

If you are planning an extravagant vacation then its best to post online about it after you’re back from the vacation. This prime information may help any burglar to break-in the house because he obviously knows when you are going for a vacation and when you will be back. So, it’s best to avoid posting this information on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. Even though we are sure that you have a high level of security on these accounts but still posting this information is not recommended.


Inform your trusted neighbors

If you have planned a vacation during the holiday season, then it would be great to notify your trusted neighbor. This way you can inform them to keep an eye on your house and report them if they observe any suspicious activity. Additionally, you can ask them to collect your mails, newspapers or any other posts when you are away from home. You can make use of motion sensor lights to control the lights which give a hint to the burglars that "someone is present at home". Suppose you don't want to bother your neighbors and have an ample budget then you can go for security systems.


Be careful while shopping

The mall is always a perfect target for thieves that’s why it’s always better to be careful while shopping. If possible, women should avoid carrying a purse and use a shoulder bag to keep it close to them. This always makes it difficult for a thief to snatch it. Men should keep their wallets in their front pocket rather than a back pocket. You can also use wallets with RFID Protection to keep your credit/debit card information safe.


Keep your valuables safe

Make sure that you hide your packages or gifts from savvy thieves. Generally, whenever you shop or purchase any items, then first place it in a car trunk, lock them properly and then go to buy more. If you don't have a trunk, then make use of covers. If you are an online shopper, then it will be difficult to protect your packages which are delivered in your doorstep. So, it’s best to go for alternate delivery options like Amazon lockers or UPS Access points.


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