4 Home Automation Ideas To Keep Kids Safe

Home automation isn't just about automatic lights and doors. Home automation is a great way to make your home more secure. Especially if you have kids in the home, then you must consider home automation as a compulsory need.

If you're looking for some good ideas to automate your home and make it safer for your kids, then check out the list below. But remember- these are just a starting point!


1. Automatic Hallway Lights

If you have kids who wander around in the night, then consider adding automatic hallway lights which turn on with motion sensors. These automatic hallway lights can be added close to the floor or at a low brightness level, so they do not wake other people in the home. Also, they ensure that kids don't run into things and hurt themselves in the night.


2. Television Timers

One great way to limit the TV time for kids- you can install a remote television timer which can be controlled by an app on the parent's smartphone or tablet. There are a number of apps and programs which allow parents to turn the television off so that the kids can't watch more TV than their normal routine.


3. Front Door Camera

If you want to keep your kids safe in the house, then set up an automated security system at your door front which includes a camera. If anyone rings the doorbell, the camera switches on and broadcasts the picture of that person on the screen, smart device or television in the house. This allows the child to see if he/she knows the person or not.  This is also a convenient device for adults and people who work from home.


4. Remote Appliance Controls

Many appliances in your home may be dangerous for kids. For example, oven and crock pots. If you have kids in your home, you should invest in automated appliances which can be controlled remotely from your smart devices. Many of such apps have alerts to help you in turning devices off when they get hot. Also, the remote appliance controls allow people to cook dinner via a crock pot while they are still at work, and also get the laundry done when they are not at home.


If you too have kids at your home and are looking for a home automation system to make your place safe for the little ones, then contact our team today! We have the latest home automation tech and safety services that'll help you with all your needs. We are your local company so you can always be sure of the prompt and personalized service.

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