4 Tips to Keep Valuables in Your Home Safe from Burglars

Secure homes give a person a sense of security about their belongings and also bring peace of mind whenever you are away from home. Though nothing works better than a home security system is keeping your property and person safe but that doesn’t mean we can do our personal bit to keep the thieves away.

Here are a few simple yet underrated tips you can follow to prevent as much harm as possible:


1. Keep a record of all the valuables in every room

Make sure you keep a proper record of all your valuables. This can be done in various ways, though the easiest is to go into each room with a video recorder turned on and each valuable item should be recorded in that video. In case a few of them are hidden due to being in a closet or in other places, take them out and record them too. 

This will not only help the police in finding the stolen assets but it will also help you while claiming insurance.


2. Most valuable things, farthest from the windows

Placing very expensive paintings in the room with the biggest window view is like inviting the thieves to come rob your home. Avoid placing such things in the direct view of any window. Rather, place them in the corridors or maybe the bedroom where the blinds are mostly shut.

A Flat screen should not be placed on the opposite wall of a window; rather it should be perpendicular to the window. Similarly, do not leave out your computer or laptops somewhere where they can be spotted from the window.


3. Mark all items 

An item becomes recognizable and easier to find once stolen if it has a unique marking of any sort. This marking could be your driver's license number or your birth date or any other such thing which is exclusive to you to help trace the stolen asset back to you.

Make sure this marking is engraved or is permanent and also make sure that is in a place that isn’t easily visible to a person who isn’t aware of there being such a mark.


4. Hiding spots

When it comes to burglaries, more often than usual there is an involvement of a person who has an idea about your house and also about the possible spots in the house where valuables can be hidden. 

Hence, instead of going for the usual hiding spots like under the mattress or in bed side drawers, put things in places like the pocket of an old coat tucked in the back of your closet or in a liquor bottle, etc.


All the above mentioned tips will not only be a big red cross for thieves but they will also help you be at peace which is the most important of all. Need more? Experts at Security Alarms Company will help you find the best suitable security system for your home.

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