5 Creative Projects To Liven Up Your Boring House

Who wouldn't love to live in a lavish place which can be decorated with a low budget? Having a comfortable looking home can be a difficult task, especially if your budget is quite low. There are so many things that can be done to make it look appealing right from adding cushions to a fresh coat of paint to hardwood floors to budget curtains available online. Here's a list of five simplest and least expensive ways to make your home look elegant.

1. Choose Hardwood Over the Carpet

To be honest, we all agree that carpeting makes the home all warm and soft, but it doesn't appear to be as elegant as it appears when there is the use of hardwood floors. They provide a classic, bold, and a sleek appearance and are available at an affordable price. They do not require as much maintenance as the carpet floors saving a lot of time and effort wastage. It's always a good investment and totally a wise one. It provides the features of longevity and a good return on investment. It's always advised to research well before purchasing. The woods like birch and oak are the less expensive ones as compared to cherry. It is preferred to go with the dark ones for a luxurious appearance.


2. Hang Large Scale Art

To make a less cumbersome wall, it is best to put up huge frames that occupy the awkward spaces right in the eye-center and also adding to the wow factor on the living room walls. It totally provides the chic look giving a high impact on the décor with just a little investment. These are easily available at flea markets or thrift shops or even exhibitions at a very reasonable price. Definitely a go-go.


3. Make It Simple

A living room which is cluttered or over accessorized never does really leave a lasting impression. It is mostly considered messy and disorganized rather than sophisticated, rich, and chic. A simple, less material living space enables the little pieces to shine and make an impression. Plus, it's definitely relaxing on the purse.


4. Use of Interesting and Different Kinds of Textiles

Having a custom looking living room is always appreciated by the visitors. Vintage textiles as a background to small pillows or seat cushions or light lamps make it look neat and attractive. They add a unique value to the décor, helping you personalize your space. Materials like mix metals, glass, wood, leather items, and proper lighting help to create a dynamic and inviting space. It is advisable to carefully select each and every piece according to your budget and let your place come together naturally.


5. Add a Piece of History

Historical pieces definitely add a sense of wisdom and age. It ties together the present and the future. They are easily available at affordable prices at thrift shops. It augments the cultural tone you may be seeking to set.



There are various ways in which you can make your personal space look as elegant as possible with a small budget. Right from the foyer to the private confines of your boudoir. Dedicate a little time on the budget for each section at your place. You may be surprised as to what all you can easily discover to develop an elegant looking home!

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