5 Easy Ways You Can Secure Your Home Before Traveling Abroad

Securing your house while on vacation is just as essential as securing the items you bring with you at the destination. When going on a vacation, it is vital to give proper thought to your home security. A house left unsecured while you’re traveling is a tempting target for witty criminals. It is imperative that you take certain key steps to keep your house safe and sound while traveling across the globe.


Basic preventive measures can work wonders to benefit you keep your house safe from home invasions while you’re away. Here are 5 simple ways in which you can secure your house before traveling abroad:


  1. Stop the mail and newspaper service

It would be best to stop these services or ask your neighbor to collect them on your behalf. A week’s worth of newspapers or mail piled up on the front door can always act as a signal for criminals that this particular homeowner is out of town. You can also go for a locking security mailbox if you’re concerned about the security of your mail and house.


  1. Get your lawn trimmed

Tall and unkempt grass is an easy sign that a burglar can use to spot a vacant property. If you’re traveling abroad for an extended period, trim those bushes and mow the lawn a few days before leaving. This way you can reduce the odds of your landscape growing enough to give away hints about your vacation.


  1. Get motion-sensor or timer lights

Conceal your absence at your house by keeping the house illuminated with adequate lights which can be motion-sensor. This trick works best for security lights that are close to the windows or fixtures near the front of your house. For additional security, have the lights switch-on at diverse timings throughout the day so that the strangers can’t catch on or understand the routine. Make sure that the curtains are drawn a little so that the light is more visible.


  1. Don’t leave your spare key back home

It is best to not leave the spare key back home, and preferably give it to a trusted friend or neighbor. Potential thieves always search for the hidden key, and mostly always find it. You can also go for a secure portable lockbox to keep the valuables safe and secure.


  1. Go for security cameras

Indoor security cameras are small and can fit just about anywhere in the house including bedside tables, bookshelves, or on potted plants. With two-way voice audio, you can easily scare away the burglars while the camera’s sharp vision grants a clear view of the house. Night vision also benefits to keep a track of the movements around the house past sunset. The security systems available at Security Alarms Company are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about a big storm blowing your security cover.


If you require more security information for the safety of your house, connect with Security Alarms Company. We offer the best alarm security systems to our potential clients with 24 hours a day seven days a week monitoring. If you require assistance, call us at any time so that we can instantly help you over the phone immediately. We also offer in-house consultations for brand new monitored alarm systems.

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