5 Exciting Home Automation Trends For 2019

How close are you to fully automating your home? Though home automation is still a new thing, it had made quite some progress in the recent years.

Check out the 5 recent home automation trends which are likely to rule the year 2019.

1. Voice control will be everywhere.

Voice control assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple's Siri continue to be popular as they are smarter and come with greater advances in machine learning. Also there will be voice control embedded in more devices in the current year. Naturally, with home automation systems e.g Crestron and Control4, customer can have several options for voice control, and they can control and automate home systems through these devices rather than worrying about which voice system works with some specific device.


2. Automation will increase.

With more smart devices and functions, the ability to put together sophisticated automation will become much affordable and easy. Thus smart thermostats, smart lighting and switches, and motorized shades will all become affordable and can be made to work very well together.


3. There will be an increased focus on design.

People want smart devices and technology, with good looks. So you can expect an increased focus on excellent design and smart technology. You will see many stylish options and smart technology while not having to sacrifice the design and decor which you want in your home.


4. Integrated wellness with technology.

Customers can expect more and new wellness features in home automation solutions. For instance, sensors and equipment which monitor and improve indoor air quality. Also, smart wearables from companies like Apple, Fitbit, and other companies already monitor a wide range of activity and sleep. Similarly, increased stress can be ameliorated with good silent music which will improve the mood.


5. Home security options will get smarter.

Customers can get a plethora of intelligent locks, cameras, and sensors which will be helpful to monitor many more things in their homes. Customers can also expect more intelligence being applied to this existing information. Smart cameras will thus detect people, animals, and the delivery trucks so that you are notified in case something unusual is going on. Smart sensors can also become popular in order to report all types of environmental conditions in the house, and will intelligently analyze and monitor the data over the time.


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