5 Home Security Features to Secure Your Home

Investing in a home security system can be complicated at first. There are so many features to choose from, and you may get confused about your choice.

So if you're looking to buy a new security system and not sure which features to look for, here we have elaborated on some smart features which are a must for any home security system.


1. Sensors

‘Sensors’ is obviously a broad term. There are different types of sensors and each one has a specific use. However, the important thing is to choose the sensors which are a right fit for your system. For instance, a CO (Carbon Monoxide) monitoring sensor is extremely important if you have a gas stove in your home, but if you do not use a gas stove in your property, then you do not need to install it.

Here are a few sensors which are essential for your home:

  • Motion sensors: Useful for monitoring certain areas of the home or office
  • Door and window sensors: Useful in keeping a track of who is entering your property
  • Environmental sensors: Useful for keeping a watch for smoke, fire, water leaks, etc.


2. Smart Alarms

Some alarms could simply create a blaring noise throughout the home, or some types of alarms could proactively alert the emergency services and even send a text message or place a phone call to your smartphone. Also, there are alarm systems who allow you to customize notifications for different events.

So while choosing an alarm system, you should carefully review the provisions and choose the one which fulfills all the security needs for your property.


3. Surveillance Cameras

Initially, the home security systems only had two features listed above, but currently, the surveillance cameras are becoming a must. This is because they offer a number of advantages for homeowners. They daunt intruders and burglars, giving you the peace of mind while you’re away.

You can simply take out your phone and check the surveillance feeds. It's that easy!


4. High-Tech Locks

High-tech locks allow you to control the access to your home. Also, instead of keeping a track of keys all the time you can unlock your home’s locks via biometrics, keypad, or a smartphone. This feature enables you to remotely lock or unlock the home and you can be ensured that no other intruder can enter your home behind your back.


5. Lighting Control

Lights in your home can protect you and your family! If you have it set up in your security system, your lights can turn on when triggered by certain security events. For example, you can make settings and have outdoor lights turned on if the motion sensors detect some unusual activity in the night.

These features of a home security system enable the property owners to be at peace about the full proof safety of their homes or offices.

If you are interested in getting a full proof home security system for your home, then get in touch with us today. Security Alarms Company offers you excellent security services in Muskogee and eastern Oklahoma. We also offer home automation services and business assets security!

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