5 Tips To Secure Your Business From Cybercrime

Many small and medium scale business owners think that because they have a small to medium-size business, cybercriminals may not attack their company. But that's just a myth.

Whether small or large, every business needs to secure itself from cybercrime. Take a look at these tips to keep your business assets safe from cybercriminals.


1. Use a firewall.

The first line of defense in a cyber-attack is the firewall. It is recommended that every small and medium scale business should set up a network firewall to provide a hurdle between your data and cybercriminals. Other than the standard external firewall, a number of companies are now install internal firewalls to provide extra protection. It is also important that employees working from home install a firewall on the home network to ensure complete compliance.


2. Document your cybersecurity policies.

While small businesses operate through word of mouth, cybersecurity is one area where it is necessary to document your protocols. There are institutions which also provide online training, checklists, and information especially to protect online businesses.


3. Plan for mobile devices.

As the popularity of wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers with wireless capability is increasing, it is necessary to include these devices into your policy as well. It is also recommended that small businesses should require employees to set up the automatic security updates on and that the company’s password policy is applicable to all the mobile devices accessing the network.


4. Educate your employees.

Educating your employees is essential as the people who actually work in the network need to be trained on your company’s network security policies. To make your employees accountable, you need to make each employee sign a document which states that they are informed about the policies and understand that legal actions may be taken if they don't follow the given security policies.

5, Enforce safe password practices.

Employees can find changing passwords a bit painful. According to a report, 63 percent of data breaches took place due to simply lost, stolen or weak passwords. According to another report, about 65 percent of SMBs with password policies do not enforce it.  So it is crucial to enforce strong password practices in order to make your business secure from cyber crimes.


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