6 Tips for Protecting Your Home Automation System from Hackers

With the growth in people building smart homes, the question of security and privacy of connected devices has become of utmost concern. While we agree that smart devices do enable our lives to be easier, but at the same time, it is imperative to ensure that you are safe from cyber intrusion.

In the recent times, security for the Internet of Things (IoT) has become an important topic. Recent news highlighting vulnerability on the internet serves as a warning for consumers to be wary of smart home security. These tips are essential for as to whether you own full-functional smart home system or if you’re just venturing into how to add connected devices to your house.


Steps to Protect Your Home

Firstly, it is essential to understand that the threat of cyber-attacks is very real and may happen to anyone. In today’s world, everyone is vulnerable to such an event especially if you own a smart home. Even though there haven’t been many cases proving this, the threat is real and closing in since we are entering the age of more and more individuals opting to develop smart homes. These breaches are easier to carry out since the security systems are often inept or the devices not updated.  However, some basic tenets must be followed if you want a smart home of your own.

The following list illustrates the steps that you may look into to ensure the security of each connected device you install into your home:

  1. Passwords that are long and difficult to guess- This will ensure that you are protected from unwarranted breaches. Changing passwords regularly is also a great option.
  2. Change the username and password for each device- It is essential that you change the passwords of each device and more importantly do not use the same ones for every device.
  3. Update your devices-Make sure you always install the latest software updates. This is to ensure effectiveness of the security systems so installed.
  4. Refrain from using public Wi-Fi- Public Wi-Fi networks are very vulnerable. They enable hackers to breach into your devices easily.
  5. Professional installation- Always go for professional installations by expert technicians who can efficiently handle all the required setup and also solve the advanced security issues.
  6. Track IP logs on the surveillance cameras- This enables the user to know if any unauthorized IP address attained the access to the security cameras of the house. It is best to keep changing password and then notify the service provider.


While the above steps will ensure that your smart home is safe, this level of proactive home network protection is never enough when you have a smart house.

This is where Security Alarm Co. comes into play. We have been in the market of security systems for the past forty years. We started off by ensuring residential and commercial security systems but with changing times, have evolved to adapt to the needs of the customers today.

To choose us would mean a one-step solution to prevent the vulnerabilities one may feel while dreaming to make a smart home. When we speak of security, we ensure that we give you a plan that makes you feel safe. Contact us today if you wish to prevent unwarranted breaches into you cyber home security system.

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