7 Benefits Of Having CCTV For Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner? Then CCTV is a must for your office! Here's why.


1. CCTV helps you to avoid internal and external theft.

Every business owner knows that they have to protect themselves and their business property from both internal and external theft. Internal threat is employee theft and external threat are a few like burglary, thieves or irritant neighbors. According to a study, about 33% of bankrupt businesses suffer bankruptcy due to employee theft.

So in order to avoid such instances, CCTV surveillance can help to eliminate your blind spots, can keep a watch over your employees, and can stamp out employee theft or other issues like property damage.


2. CCTV helps in crime prevention.

CCTV cameras act like perfect deterrents against criminals, and buglers. This is an eminent factor for most of the small business, as they are often seen as the easiest targets by such bandits.


3. CCTV helps in evidence collection.  

Although a CCTV camera deters a lot of criminals, still there are chances that they might try to attempt the crime anyway. In such cases, CCTV will help you catch them and punish them for their crime. CCTV footage is a great tool for evidence gathering and lead extraction. These tapes can be used as solid pieces of evidence to help in solving crimes and giving insights about the criminals’ technique.


4. CCTV helps with staff security.

Safeguarding your employees is as crucial as protecting your assets. It also encourages good behavior and helps to avoid any complications due to employee violence or intruders. To put into perspective, about 17 percent of all fatal injuries in the US recently, were due to workplace violence.


5. CCTV ensures private and sensitive area surveillance.

Every business has special and sensitive information which it does not wish to be stolen. If you install CCTV cameras, then you can keep continuous surveillance on such important places in your office and make sure that no one gets in.

6. CCTV can also improve customer satisfaction.

CCTV cameras enable you to remotely watch your employee's behavior with the customers through recorder tapes. If you feel the need for improvements, you can give such tips to your employees. This continuous process of review will help you get a holistic view of your business and thus enhance client satisfaction.


7. CCTV protects you against false liability lawsuits.

CCTV footages help you prove your viewpoint and avoid any false claims. Your recording can prove that you've done no wrong and can save you quite a lot of money.

So isn't it a smart idea to get CCTV cameras for your office now? We at Security Alarms Co. offer best-in-class business security services, so all you have to do is get in touch with us to get started!

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