7 Business Security Tips You Must Know

As expensive technology and capital assets play a large role in every business, it is important that you ensure that the right security measures are in place to protect you and your business assets.

Here are seven business security tips to guide you in securing your business from all kinds of hazards.


1. Protect Your Premises

One of the major points of entry into your property are the doors or windows. To ensure the complete security of your premises, have metal roller doors or bars and also automated device surveillance.  These precautions will deter the unwanted intruders from gaining access to your property.


2. Install Surveillance Cameras

Installing a CCTV camera is an effective way to protect your business. However, you must legally ensure to have sufficient signage and who controls them. You should always maintain a footage for 31 days and keep the camera lenses clean.


3. External Security Lighting

External security lighting is very helpful in protecting your business during the dark. You can buy permanent low-cost systems which will track the movement near your premises with the intention of deterring burglars and intruders from entering the premises.


4. Fire Alarms

What if there happens a short circuit or a fire break in or around your office? A fire alarm system is your safety net to alert you in time and protect your employees.  There are some regulations and fire risk assessments which must be adhered to. You can fit smoke detectors,  alarms and liaise with your local fire service.


5. Protect Your Computers

In 2014, the Federation for Small Businesses concluded that cybercrimes cost about £785 million per year. So, for the businesses who use the internet as their daily practice,  it is important that you protect your systems through the latest antivirus and security softwares.


6. Using Safe Passwords

Many companies tend to use the same passwords for all their computers. If you wish to reduce the chance of being hacked, each PC station should have an individual, unique password.


7. Access Control Systems

Rather than having a simple lock fitted to on your businesses doors, an access entry system is worth purchasing which requires a code number or pass card with a microchip to unlock. This lock deters the criminals and also allows you to monitor the staff movement too.


We understand that operating a business does not come without risks. However, by protecting your business assets you ensure smooth operations of your business.  To get the most efficient security system for your business in Muskogee, you need to consult the experts and let them do their job!

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