8 Simple Ways To Keep Your Valuables Safe

A burglary is successful only through opportunity.  Burglars do not have a lot of time looking for things in a home to steal. This is a reason why there are a few obvious locations which they target.  This means, there are ways available to outsmart them and keep your valuables in not-so-obvious places.

Depending on their size and type of item, the best places to hide valuables are the ones which burglars do not search through or wouldn’t bother to look because they are mostly inconvenient,  difficult to search, messy, or uninteresting.


Keep your valuables secure with these 8 ways:

1. Hollowed-out books: Criminals usually do not think of checking a bookshelf for valuables. The reason being, they may find books to be uninteresting. However, if you keep just a couple of books in a bookshelf, then they might have a clue that they are hiding your valuables. So make sure that your library is large, has many books and can be a sufficiently difficult place to search for valuables.

2. VHS tape or VHS carton: Like books, burglars might think the VHS tapes as uninteresting. However, like books, if you keep only a few VHS tapes, then burglars might get a clue.

3. Use false containers in the kitchen cupboard to keep your valuables. Also, you can keep them under the sink, and in the bathroom.

4. Wrap them in plastic or aluminum foil and store in the back of the freezer. Itis a good place to store important documents and paper currency.

5. Bedroom closet might sound to be an obvious location for a burglar to check, but still, if you fix smart alarms and security appliances in your closet, you will get instant signs depicting an unwanted activity in the house. Till the time the burglar gets through, you will be all ready to catch him red-handed.

6. Houseplants are excellent hideouts for valuables in the house. Pack them in waterproof plastic bags so that the plant’s soil will not spoil them at all.

7. False wall outlet is another way to ensure security. You only need to make sure that it does not come between any electrical wiring.

8. A garage is another such place in which you can store some of your valuables. Keep them in boxes with mundane labels like “Xmas decorations,” “Kid’s Clothes,” “School Projects,” or similar ones.  Again, keep multiple boxes there, so burglars will have to search for quite some time and help you in catching them.


Other Precautions

For valuables that can't be hidden or locked up, like a flat-screen TV, stereo system, and computers, make sure that they are insured through your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.  Also, consider investing in a home security systems so that you can have instant alerts of intrusions or any signs of risks. Nowadays, there are a plethora of home security solutions which enable the owners to keep their abodes safe and secure from the unwanted guests.

Plus you can make some furniture modifications like a burglar-proof window which will allow you to leave your windows open slightly for fresh air, but not as wide to allow a person to get through.

Such small steps can go a long way in your home security. For more tips and home security services, don't hesitate to get in touch with Security Alarms. Co.

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