9 Home Security Appliances For Senior Citizens

Security and safety remain a crucial part, especially for senior citizens. Here are nine smart home automation and security appliances which will help improve the quality of life of senior citizens.


1. Senior Friendly Landline Or Mobile Phone

There is a wide variety in both wired and wireless senior friendly fixed or mobile phone which are available on the market. These low-cost devices are essential for senior citizens who have walking problems or any other issues regarding movement.


2. Video Intercom Or Smart Door Bell

A video intercom is a very useful device for senior citizens. With this device, you can see who is at your front door before even opening it. This will help you keep away from the intruders and burglars who prey on houses with easy targets like senior citizens.



Installing a PERS will give senior citizens peace of mind. You can easily connect with the authorities, family & friends, whenever you need help. The older models which feature a pendant with a big button joined to a phone line are getting replaced with much more sophisticated PERS models which have useful features like automatic fall detection and internet connectivity.


4. Smart Alarm System

If you install a smart alarm system in your home, it will reduce the chances of intrusion, burglary, and theft. Through a smart alarm system, you can also connect with the authorities in case of emergencies. This is a must-have feature for a senior citizen home.


5. Smart Smoke Alarms

The smart smoke alarms ensure a higher security level by providing you with an early warning of fire.


6. Smart Leak Detection Device

There may be leaking problems in your home from kitchen pipes or refrigerator pipes. Smark leak detection devices will trace down the sources and will shut off the water supply after sending a warning alert.


7. Smart Lighting System

If you install a smart lighting control system in your home, then it will supplement your safety and home security levels. The occupancy sensors can also be used to turn on and off the lights automatically whenever you enter and leave the room.


 8. Smart IP Cameras

IP cameras enable you to view live video images on your mobile phones. Moreover, they also can be configured to record live videos. These IP cameras take home security to a whole new level and are essential for home security; especially for senior citizens.


9. Activity Daily Living (ADL) System

An ADL system will be helpful for the senior citizens. Through these systems, you can provide all your routine and key information to your family, friends, and caretakers about your health and wellbeing.


These were the eminent home security devices which you must have in a senior citizen’s home. If you plan to live your retired life with ease and comfort, then bring these smart technical appliances home and be assured about your security and safety!

Whether you are a senior citizen or somebody who is looking for home security appliances for their senior relatives, or friends, at Security Systems.Co, we're committed to helping you with all your security needs!

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