9 Smart Home Devices For Senior Citizens

There are a number of home devices flooding the market to make your life easier. If you have senior members staying with you, and you are worried about their safety and comfort at home, then here is some help.

Take a look at the home devices given below which can help seniors and make their everyday chores easier, and safer.


1. Seniors-Friendly Phones

There are a variety of wired and wireless senior friendly fixed and mobile phone options which are available in the market. These low-cost devices are worth considering because they help seniors to connect with calls easily and with minimal efforts.


2. Intercom or Video Doorbell

A video intercom is a great device if you have seniors in your home. They can see who is standing outside the door and open the door only if he/she is a reliable one. This cuts down the possibility of unknown people entering the home with wrong motives.

3. Personal Emergency Response System

Installing a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) will give you peace of mind. In case the seniors in your home need urgent help, they can immediately connect with authorities, family & friends, without having to struggle much.

Nowadays, older models are getting replaced with even more sophisticated PERS models which support features like automatic fall detection and also connectivity to the internet.


4. Smart Alarm  

The installation of a smart home alarm system will deter burglars and intruders from entering your homes. It will keep your seniors aware of any danger and also keep you assured about their safety.


5. Smart Smoke Alarms    

Smart smoke alarms make you aware of a fire catch in any corner of the home. Some modern technologies can also be connected to your smartphone and can give you fire alerts in case of an accident. Furthermore, you can connect with the authorities immediately and get the necessary help in time. These systems are essential in houses with seniors and kids.


6. Smart Leak Detector  

Water can be leaked from many sources like pipes, refrigerators and so on. But if you integrate a water alarm system in your home, it will shut off the main water supply and send a warning alert so that you can take a prompt action. Is'nt this a wonderful device for your seniors?


7. Smart Lights

Installing a basic smart lighting control system in your home will provide ease to all your family members. The occupancy sensors can be used turn on the lights automatically while entering a room and turn them off while you leave the room.


8. Smart IP Cameras

IP cameras allow you to see live video images of your home on your smartphone. Additionally, you can also configure them to record live videos when you detect any alarm.

9. Activity Daily Living System   

An ADL system will help you by continuously providing every important information about the seniors in your home. With this brilliant system, you can have a feeling of being connected to your loved ones all the while.


We hope this list has given you at least a few ideas that will help you keep your seniors protected. If you need any kind of information or security services, please don't hesitate to call us!

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