9 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Mail Slot

Burglars have multiple ways to enter a home; some enter through the first floor while some enter through the main door. One major cause of worry is the mail slot. Burglars are known to slip wires and cords and use them to unlock your main door.


Here are 9 ways to make your mail slot burglar-proof:

1. Replace Your Door

The best way to prevent burglars from entering your home via the mail slot is to have a door without a mail slot. Go in for a plain door with no slot as its very easy for people to put their hands through it. You can try to install it yourself if you are up for learning something new or it is advisable to call a professional. Make sure you get doors that cannot be broken easily.


2. Get a Mail Slot Cover

If you do not have the budget for a new door, just get a cover for your mail slot. You can pick up a piece of thick metal and drill holes into your door to fit it over the mail slot. If you don’t want to put a piece of metal on your door, you can get a carpenter to make a wooden plug instead. Whatever you choose, make sure the inside and outside of your mail slot are covered to prevent anyone from putting their hand inside. 


3. Install a Secure Box

Mail slots are very basic and a lot of new options have been devised now. Make sure to do your research before installing one and get the most secure one you find. DuraBox is a great option available in the market, it is installed on the inside of your door and has a metal box that holds all your mail. This is completely safe as there is no scope for any intruder to put their hand in.


4. install a Cage

Another method to protect your mail slot is to set up a cage around your mail slot that will act as a barrier for burglars. It is one barrier more for them to overcome before they can get to your door.


5. Second Deadbolt

It is a good option to install a second deadbolt. Sometimes, the strength of your door gets weakened when holes are drilled in it to install the mail slot. One kick from an intruder and your door might give through. You can install a second deadbolt to provide extra support. Make sure to get a strong bolt with good reviews and install is at a distance from the mail slot. 


6. Use an Air Inverter

Air vents diverters are another foolproof method to prevent burglars from fidgeting with your door. This will also control the airflow in the vent. Place a plastic, shatterproof diverter at the top of the mail slot on the inside, this will stop them from being able to put their hand inside and reach it around.


7. Put a Hood on Your Mail Slot

This is an expensive version of the air vent diverter. It is generally made of metal instead of plastic and provides more protection.


8. Tape It Up!

If you don’t have the time or budget to get something long term, the tape is a quick fix. Use a thick brown tape and tape a piece of metal or plastic over the inside of your slot. This cannot be used forever but is an effective short-term remedy.


9. Reposition Your Mail Slot

If you don’t want to do any of these, just move your mail slot. Reposition it in a way that it is not within the knob’s reach. You can place low on the ground or in the middle of the door.


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