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3 Easy Living Room Fixes to Keep Your Family Safe

It goes without being said that we live in dangerous times and that being so, safety precautions need to be taken seriously. Security alarms serve this purpose not only by alerting you about intruders but also securing vulnerable access points like doors, windows and other open, accessible places.   Also, you don't have to lose sleep…
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Balcony Security: Top 11 Ways to Secure Ground-Floor, Second-Floor & Apartment Balconies

A major path of access that facilitates breaking and entering and burglaries and yet is often overlooked by us is the balcony. Apart from potential burglaries, open balconies also pose other risks such as accidental falls or fire hazards. Given below is a list of useful tips to help ensure the security of your balcony…
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Top 9 Home Security Facts That You Want to Know

In these times, with the rise of crime, home security is a major concern and priority for all home-owners, and the only way to secure the protection of your home is by taking proper precautions against undesirable elements.   Take a look at the home security facts and statistics listed below to make sure that…
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How Home Automation Devices Help Reduce Energy and Save Money!

While alarm systems these days have evolved and their technology has become more complex and intricate, this hasn’t changed the fact that it is still very accessible to people in that it is extremely economical and helps you save money. In fact, nowadays, home security systems have graduated to the stage where they can be…
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