Avid Traveler? Here’s How to Secure Your Home When You Are Out

Are you the one who loves to travel to different places? Or are you the one who has to travel a lot for work? In both cases, before you pick up your suitcase and leave for your trip, there is something you should never forget; protecting your home! Putting a massive lock on the doors and shutting down the windows is not enough. You also need to take a few essential steps for securing your home from burglary or any other danger.

Take a look at these steps to protect your home from all sorts of dangers while you travel.

How to Protect Your Home Interior

  • Set timers on your interior lights. This idea works well in deterring burglars, who are looking for a chance. The lights would make the burglars think that the home is not empty and that they should stay away from the house.
  • Don't make too detailed status updates. Remember not to broadcast your location on Facebook or Twitter. Even if you think that it's only your friends or colleagues who view your profile, still it can also be a safe opening for the potential burglars too.
  • Prevent power surges by disconnecting computer, TV, stereo, and other electronic devices. Or else make sure that they are plugged into a surge protector.
  • If you have installed an automatic security alarm system, then you can call your alarm company representatives and inform them about your travel time. Make sure the alarm is set when you leave.
  • Secure your valuables in a safe deposit box so that you can be assured of them while traveling.
  • Install smart locks, surveillance cameras, sensors and security alarms for keeping you updated about the safety of your home.

How to Protect Your Home Exterior

  • Trim the branches of big trees branches which may allow a burglar to climb and enter the house.
  • Stop newspapers and mail deliveries or ask a friendly neighbor to pick them up daily for you. By doing this, a burglar will not get a clue of your absence through the mounting newspapers on your doorstep.
  • Plan exterior lighting and set some lights on timers as well, this will daunt the burglars.
  • Don't leave a set of spare keys outdoors. Remember, the burglars know the most common hiding places.
  • Consider installing home security and home automation systems if you want to stay connected with your home from any location.

We have taken an overview of the essential tips for securing your home while traveling. It’s now time to get smart and install some smart home automation and home security in your home which will help you be aware of your home from whichever location you travel to. You can connect all these devices to your smartphone!

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