Balcony Security: Top 11 Ways to Secure Ground-Floor, Second-Floor & Apartment Balconies

A major path of access that facilitates breaking and entering and burglaries and yet is often overlooked by us is the balcony. Apart from potential burglaries, open balconies also pose other risks such as accidental falls or fire hazards. Given below is a list of useful tips to help ensure the security of your balcony and ultimately, your home.


1. Ensure Balcony Doors and Windows Are Locked When You Leave Home

It has been reported that close to 30% of burglaries take place due to windows or doors being left unlocked.


2. Installing Balcony Security Systems to Monitor Your Home

According to reports, houses that have security systems installed are 300% less likely to be burgled.


3. Re-enforce Your Balcony Railings

 This can be done by avoiding the use of horizontal railings, which provide an easy foothold; or ensuring that the railings are at least 1.1 meters high etc.


4. Set Up Security Gates to Prevent Burglaries

For balconies with sliding glass doors, it is recommended that balcony security gates or screens be installed outside to strengthen your balcony’s security. Additionally, it is advised that a glass protection film be applied on the glass doors to make sure criminal elements are not able to see or break through the glass too easily. It would also help to install a keyed patio lock or set up locking-bars on the tracks of the sliding door. 


5. Bolster Your Balcony Windows

Installing security grills on the windows, making use of curtains, shades or blinds, using locks for the balcony windows and dowels or locking bars for the window tracks are all essential measures to bolster security of your balcony windows. 


6. Invest in Motion Lights to Illuminate Your Balconies

This is highly recommended for ground-floor balconies. Installing motion lights there serves as a deterrent and discourages potential intruders or burglars from trying to access your balcony to break into your home. These lights are triggered by the movement of an intruder attempting to climb onto your balcony and illuminate the balcony.


7. Position surveillance warning signs at the property

Most burglars give up breaking into a house when they locate security cameras or surveillance signs there. They don’t want to get caught on the cameras and thus they prefer to avoid such places. 


8. Never use your balcony as a storage place 

This can definitely be a threat to the ground-floor balcony security. A burglar can definitely jump in and steal those precious and expensive goods. So, to prevent your properties from being targeted by burglars, tidy up your balcony and place your belongings indoors. 


9.  Get to know your belongings 

It is very essential to get to know your neighbors and share balcony safety tips with them. You and your neighbors can watch out for your properties in turn and inform each other in case something suspicious occurs.  


10. Keep your garden well-trimmed 

It is always better to trim the bushes and trees near the balcony of your house from time to time. The garden landscape may offer hiding places for burglars to enter your house with ease. 


11. Be mindful of personal data leakage from balconies 

Confidential conversations can always be eavesdropped by passengers or burglars from open balconies. Thus, to protect your balcony from being robbed, it is best to conduct talks about properties, money and personal schedules indoors rather than in the balcony. 


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