5 Most Common Causes Of Home Fires

A home fire is probably the most undesirable accident that all homeowners want to prevent. But did you know that the common causes of a home fire are the simplest things in our home?

Here is a list of a few common causes of home fires, knowing which can help you prevent this unwanted consequence.


1. Overheated Cooking Equipment

If your pot or pan is overheated and is splattering, then it can take just a few seconds for it to cause a home fire. To avoid this, you must stay in the kitchen while cooking, avoid overheating of the cooking equipment and be careful while using oil on high temperature. Also, keep all the combustibles like the oven mitts, dish towels, paper towels away from the gas stove and use good quality cookware for cooking.


2. Uninspected Heating Equipment

If you have a heating equipment fixed in your home, then have your furnace inspected by a qualified technician annually. Also, get your chimney cleaned and inspected by an expert at least once a year.

Remember to keep the portable heaters approximately one meter away from the curtains, furniture, and yourself. Avoid using the heater to dry the shoes or clothes as they might easily catch fire.  Consider installing a carbon monoxide alarm which sends you signals in case of carbon monoxide gas leaks.


3. Consistent and Careless Smoking by Family Members

If anyone in your family is a regular smoker, then you must restrict their smoking habit to a specific space in the house; preferably outdoors. Remember to make your bedrooms a non-smoking zone because they have a lot of furnishing, drapery, and bedding which can easily catch fire.

Always use big and deep ashtrays for smoking, never place an ashtray on any cloth, and always check furniture for fallen cigarettes as a little lit cigarette can also cause a home fire.


4. Unchecked Electrical Equipment

With so many electrical equipments present in all homes nowadays, fires caused by electricity are also getting common. \

You need to see that your electrical appliances do not have loose cords/plugs open, that the outlets are not overloaded with plugs, and also that you do not have wires running under the rugs or heavy furniture. It is also wise to see if you aren't overusing the extension cord.

Additionally, be careful about the improper installation of electrical boards and other instrument as those can also be a cause of home fires. Make sure that you approach a licensed electrician in case of any emergency.

5. Candles

We all love lighting candles in our homes, but we need to be very careful while doing so. Remember to keep the candles away from your curtains and heavy furniture to avoid the risk of a fire. Also, make sure that the kids or pets do not reach out to the candles. Place the candles in sturdy holders and blow them off while leaving the room.


One easy way to stay protected from the threat of home fires is to install an alarm system which makes you aware of any sort of potential danger. Keeping this in mind, Security Alarms. Co. provides you the best of fire alarm systems for your home and office. Simply call us to learn more!

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