A Complete Home Automation Guide for Apartment Living

Home automation is defined by the devices which use the connectivity and embedded sensors n order to automate common household tasks. Also nowadays, the advent of the DIY smart home, powered by smartphones and wireless communication protocols, has made home automation products comparatively more affordable and easier to buy.

Today, we are discussing a few things about home automation which you must know if you are living in an apartment!


Smart Lighting

By switching to lighting with connected, low-power LED smart bulbs, you will be able to turn your lights on or off from any location and put them on a set schedule and also pair them with any other home automation products to turn your lighting into an organic part of your apartment. Smart bulbs work well for a small apartment as you do not have an issue of people regularly turning the lights on and off.


Smart Climate Control

Are you fed up of returning to a roasting apartment in the summer? Then install a smart window air conditioning unit like the GE Aros app-enabled window unit. The Aros also has a geofencing and scheduling capabilities which help the cut back on your energy use and also maintain a comfortable living environment. If you already have a window unit in place, then you can make it smart with a Sensibo. It is a small device which you can attach to your unit to give it smart scheduling and access capabilities.


Smart Security

Smart cameras are simple, portable security solution meant for small apartments. These cameras can send you alerts to your smartphone if they sense motion or noise in the apartment. They also record the footage of the event to the cloud.

If you want more security, then you can try an all-in-one smart system like Canary which lets you see what is happening in the apartment and lets you take action if necessary. It also records video and senses motion and noise, plus it has a loud siren incorporated in the unit and also the air quality, temperature, and humidity monitoring.

Additionally, a battery-powered Nest Protect Smoke Alarm can send you an alert on your phone. You can also consider switching out the battery-powered smoke detector with a Nest Protect or Kidde Connected smoke alarm.


Smart Kitchen

The truly smart kitchen is something of a dream, but there are a lot of  great kitchen gadgets which can make the apartment cooking a pleasurable experience:

  • Buy connected sous vide cooker, and have a perfectly poached food before you get back home after a long day of work.
  • A voice-activated speaker like the Amazon Echo can set cooking timers for you, and give you correct cooking measurements, to keep your shopping list up-to-date and play the tunes to keep you entertained while whipping up your dishes.


For more tips and tricks to make your apartment automated, get in touch with Security Alarms.Co now and know more about our affordable security services!

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