Fire Safety for Kids – Be Ready for the Unexpected

A house fire is always an overwhelming occurrence and one that you never wish on happening. The children of the house are the ones most at risk when this disaster happens. Tragically, most house fires are started by children with harmful items like matches, candles, and lighters. Thus, following smart precautions at home and teaching children how to escape from the fire can help your family to avoid such overwhelming situations. Fire safety does not essentially require to be a serious or scary topic for children. By planning lessons and easy activities, children can learn and have fun in the process.


Basic Fire Safety Rules to Follow

Before teaching your children the basic safety rules, it is your duty to take some adequate precautions like:

  1. Install a smoke alarm at the active locations of the house.
  2. Make sure to test those smoke alarms every month.
  3. Educate your family members about the fire escape plan and practice it.
  4. If a fire occurs, it is best to get out as quick as possible and call for help. Make sure that all family members are out safe.

Finally, when it comes to teaching your kids, the following activities should be kept in mind:


Stop, Drop & Roll

Most children learn by watching; thus, it is best to demonstrate easy steps and teach. Teach children to stay low and run on hearing an alarm and encourage them to cover their faces when rolling out.


Fix a Meeting Spot

Always decide a common place to meet in such a situation so that the children don’t get confused and end up getting hurt. Sound an alarm, have the children and other family members meet at the place, and then you must find them.


Create a Fire Escape Strategy with The Children

Begin by drawing your house plan on a piece of paper and then map out your fire escape plan. This way you can keep the children engaged and interested in understanding safety points in case of fire.


Feel for Danger and Block the Smoke

Instruct your children to always test the doorknobs before opening them. If the doorknob feels hot, ask them to move to a different location to escape. In case they find themselves surrounded in a room with no exit, instruct them to place a towel or any other piece of clothing at the door cracks to make sure that the smoke does not flow into the room and wait for your or someone’s help.


Prevent a House Fire by Introducing Quick-Release Devices

Use quick-release devices on banded doors and windows. Security bars without release options can trap children in a deadly fire. In case you have security bars on your windows, make sure at least one window in each room has a release device.


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