Home Safety Precautions To Follow While You Are On A Vacation

And this is for the travelers. If there are any chances for anything to go wrong, then it may probably be during your vacation. And that’s a fact. Coming home from your African safari, honeymoon or Mediterranean can sometimes be gloomy.

However, just imagine that you have returned from the best trip of your life only to see that something has horribly gone wrong. How devastating would it be!


How To Keep Your Home Safe While You Are On A Vacation

The fact is that an empty home is an invitation to robbers and criminals. Hence, while you are out on a vacation, you should make sure that proper security measures are in place. We do not mean to scare you or even tell you to never go on a vacation. However, we advise you to take certain steps while you are out in order to make sure that your house stays secure. Sometimes some basic preventive measures can work wonders to help you keep your home safe from broken pipes, power surges or maybe home invasions.


1. Don’t Declare That You Are On A Vacation Over The Internet

We all love spending time on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. And you are always posting the memories of your life there. That's what makes it fun. However, you should think who you should share all of your stuff with. Imagine you sharing too much information on the Internet only to invite troubles at your doorsteps. Hence, we advise you to keep a low-profile and not declare that you are on a vacation on social media platforms. If the robbers or thieves get the information that you are out for a vacation, then they may see it as an opportunity and will want to rob your house as soon as they can. Declaring your personal stuff on social media profiles to just everybody is an invitation for trouble.


2. Ask A Friend To Help You Out

If you want peace of mind while you are on a trip, ask your friend to help you take care of your home while you are gone. Ask them to keep an eye at your house while you are away. You can also bribe them with freshly baked cupcakes or cookies! You should ask them to visit your home at least once a day to make sure that everything is okay. Provide them with a key to your house so that they can feed your cat, rake your leaves, bring in your mail, water your plants, etc. And if you park your vehicle out in the open and don't have a garage, then give them the keys to your vehicle. Provide them with an emergency contact number as well.


3. Make Sure That The Curtains Are Closed

Sometimes, people have a bad habit of peeking inside your house. And hence, while you are away on a vacation, you must make sure that you close all the curtains in your home. However, sometimes the closed curtains will also prevent friendly people like neighbours, police, or friends from checking if everything's fine. Hence, we recommend you to keep the curtains in the same way that you normally keep so that everything seems fine and nobody notices that you are out on a vacation.


4. Tip The Police Off

While you are planning to go on a vacation, make sure that you tip the police about your plans. You don’t need to inform them about everything. However, make sure that you tell them when you are leaving the town and when you are planning to come back. They will make sure that they cover the patrol rounds near your home often.



Your home is the only place where you feel relaxed and will be spending the rest of your life (If you don't buy a new one!) And therefore, it's your responsibility to keep it safe even when you are away on a vacation.

That's why we recommend you to take the above-mentioned preventive measures and also get a security camera installed so you can monitor your home from anywhere!

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