How to Prevent Hacking of Your Security Cameras

Installing cameras in and around our houses has become a common trend to ensure the safety of our homes. When it comes to choosing the type of cameras, people generally tend to go in for the ones which are wifi enabled for the reasons that they are cheaper than the ones which use wires and they are also easier to handle.


While wifi based cameras are a simpler choice, they are also more prone to being hacked. If wifi is not configured correctly, it can easily be hacked by any decent hacker. To avoid this from happening and to make sure that yours and your family’s privacy isn’t breached, here are a few things you should know:


How to know if your security camera is hacked?

  • Few functions of the camera are disabled on their own.

 For example, few settings that you have put in, like taking a picture at a particular time every day, aren’t working.

  • Unknown IP address is recorded in history. If you find an unknown IP address that you believe is not used by you, be alerted. 
  • Camera is behaving oddly or “acting on its own”. Example: It turns on or off on its own or the angle changes without doing anything.
  • Performance is below optimal or usual. This could be the case if the hacker is trying to record throughout the day as 24 hours of recording by the camera consumes a lot of memory.

How to protect your cameras against hacking?

  • Change your camera’s default password. Make sure to add in some random unpredictable characters and keep a decently tough password. 
  • Add another layer of security by using the two factor authentication method whose availability will depend on which company’s cameras you are using. This will protect your cameras from hacking twice as much as a single password setting.
  • Use VPN: Virtual Private Network. 

VPN takes you to an alternate server than your local server before you connect to the internet. By doing this, the through lines get distorted and it becomes difficult for hackers to gain access to your internet or devices.

  • Enable your firewall: This adds a sort of virtual watchtower to your internet territory. Everything that comes to you or everything that you send via the internet is first checked and filtered by the firewall to keep hackers out of your system.
  • Update the firewall: Each day hackers find new ways to get through anti-viruses and firewalls and with this, the program is also updated on a regular basis to counter these lacunas spotted by the hackers. Hence, make sure your firewall is always up to date.


We hope that the above mentioned tips can be helpful to you in keeping you and your family safe, secure, and away from savvy thieves. Need good quality security cameras for your place? Wait no more. Experts at Security Alarms Company will help you find the best suitable security system for your home. 

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