How to Prevent Winter Burglaries on Your Vacant Home

If the movie Home Alone didn't scare you enough with respect to winter burglaries, nothing else can. The movie though being a comedy clearly illustrates what it means to leave your home vacant during winter, specially during holidays. It is often noticed that during the cold winters burglaries are on an all-time high. Often people go on vacations to temperate places and this means empty houses to rob. An empty home on top of it all serves as a ripe opportunity for an individual with a malafide intent to intrude and rob.

As a homeowner, here are a few things you can ensure to prevent such winter burglaries.


Buy vacant property insurance

This is an option most people forget about while ensuring steps to make sure their home is safe. It is imperative that as a homeowner you look into the option for vacant property insurance.


Make your house look occupied

While this may seem silly, we assure you that this step takes you a long way when it comes to ensuring safety.


Install a monitored security system

In the era of technology this will ensure that all your security decisions are connected centrally.


Always inform local authorities of your absence

One of the easiest steps to ensuring home safety is to inform the local authorities of your vacant home.


Install cameras

This comes in handy whether you have a big or a small property as it ensures accountability.


Keep driveway shovelled

A well-kept home will always be difficult to rob than one which is haphazardly kept.


Hire a caretaker

This is an age-old practice to ensure safety for your vacant house and still holds good in modern times.


Ensure that all points of entry are security locked

This should be the first step when you vacate the house. It is basic and often overlooked.


Ensure that the mails have been forwarded

Unanswered mails and a filled mail box is indicative of the empty status of the home. Make sure you ensure that you forward your mail.


Install functioning fire alarms and flood sensors

An imperative measure in case of an emergency. Make sure you never miss this step.


Remove any spare keys from the house

Not ensuring this means that you jeopardise your own safety.


Manually bolt the garage or warehouses

They serve as a great entry point for burglars, so this is also an essential before leaving the home.


Don’t refer to your empty home on social media

This is the most basic of the above. Ensure you don't advertise your empty home on the social media as available for intruders.


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We ensure that we help you achieve all the 13 points as mentioned above and guarantee your home's safety. Contact us now if you are leaving for a vacation in these chilly winters and want security solutions for your empty home!

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