How To Secure Wireless Cameras From Hackers

Are you sure that your wireless cameras are secure? And that’s the question many people just fail to answer as people are constantly facing problems with security vulnerabilities. It's important to secure your wireless cameras from hackers to protect your privacy.

Let us show you how.


What’s Exactly is a Wireless Security Camera?

You might know these cameras as IP cameras. They are often used as baby monitors. Coming to the definition, a wireless security camera is a camera that's not wired and streams the whole footage being captured in the camera to secure online storage. Here, the users can easily observe what's exactly happening in the place all the time using a camera or their personal mobile phones as well.

And the most important factor that we are talking about a wireless security camera is that the footage that is streamed is encrypted, and you can watch this encrypted footage using a secure hub or a secure app. You will be provided with your personal username as well as a password.


Making Wireless Security Cameras Secure

Securing your whole network isn’t just the only option. Make sure that all the cameras are protected by a password. Not all the cameras are secured by default. You need to insert in all the details manually. However, you won’t face a hard time with the setup. It can be quite easy and will take only some time for you to get ready. Don’t just enable the username and password and use the one provided to you by the company forever. Instead, make sure that you insert in your personal id and password. Change them from time to time.

Due to the default passwords and ids, a lot of IP cameras have been reported to be hacked. And making a quite simple adjustment can save you a ton of trouble. And if you do this, the online hackers will face a real hard time to brute force your live streaming. Make sure that your computer and your phone is protected by a password. Don't let anybody have access to it. If your computer or phone falls in the hand of someone who can risk it all, it will be a disaster. Hence, make sure that doesn't happen and keep them secured with a password.


How To Safely Position Wireless Security Cameras

It's important to prevent an accident while you are trying to install a wireless security camera. However, we are talking here about where you will safely place the camera. Take an example. You wouldn't want to place your wireless security camera inside your bathroom or a place where the family members get ready. And similarly, you should prevent placing your camera at a place where the cam is pointing at any personal information.


How To Keep Wireless Cameras Secure In The Future

You might be thinking that you are currently secure for now. However, what about the future? Can any potential threat harm your privacy in the near future?

First of all, make sure that you update all your devices from time to time. Whether it’s a client software on your smartphone or PC, or it’s the firmware for IP cameras, make sure that you install all the updates from time-to-time. This will be the first step in keeping your wireless security cameras secure.

Plus, make sure that you change the password and id of your security camera stream from time-to-time.


So now that you know the basics of how to keep your wireless cameras secure, don’t let anything invade your privacy. And if you think anything’s wrong with your wireless cameras, contact us today.

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