How to Secure Your Home While Traveling During the Holidays

While it’s easy to skip your mind yet the security of your home can be constant stress while traveling or vacationing. To make your vacations stress free, here are some tips you can follow when you are going away from your house for a few days:


1. Unplug all the appliances and electronics

For the obvious reason of a fire hazard, make sure you pull the plugs of all main electronics and appliances. Make sure to turn off the water heater too.


Also, if you are going away from more than a week then make sure to also close the water supply to all the sinks, taps, and toilets to avoid flooding. Switching on the leak detector is also a good idea at such a time.


2. Weatherproofing 

Make sure the air conditioning is set at a temperature which is optimal for keeping your house cool enough in summer or warm enough in winter (however the case may be). This is a good tip to follow if you want to save on your electricity bills while you are away. It’ll also ensure that pipelines don’t freeze and burst in winters.


3. Make it seem like someone is home

If the lights in your house are turned off for days altogether or if your driveway is constantly empty, it is more likely that burglars will attack your home; as due to no activity in or around the house, it is easy to figure out that no one is home.


Hence, if you have a smart home then schedule for the lights of the house to be turned on at a particular time every day. You can also ask your neighbors to regularly visit your house to keep a check for any possible activity. 


4. Don’t tell a lot of people about your travel plans

In the current world of social media, it is very easy to find out a person’s whereabouts and plans just by looking at their profile or pictures. Instead of uploading pictures and statuses on a daily basis during the holiday, share all your content only after you are back from vacation. This way you are not declaring your absence from your home to the world.


5. Advertise your security system

Thieves are way less likely to put their hands on a house that has an active security system and instead go for an unarmed house instead. Hence, not only activate your security system but also put up a sign which conveys that the house is armed. 


While you are at it, also inform your Security company and share other details with them such as your return date, etc. 


All the above-mentioned tips will not only keep your house maintained while your away, but they will also ensure that your house is safe and secure until you are back. Need more? We the experts at Security Alarms Company will help you find the best suitable security system for your home.

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