How to Set up Spy Cameras Around Your Property

As humans, we undertake all vital efforts to protect our precious assets. Our house is one of the most precious ones amongst all. To protect that asset, you need a considerable amount of security which is available in numerous forms today. The most effective method is to install a doorbell camera and general surveillance cameras around the house.


Here are some tips to help you set up spy cameras around your property:

Best locations

The best locations to set up cameras are front doors, first-floor windows, garages, sliding doors, back doors, and basement entrances. It is advisable to put a camera in the corners of your house and the driveway in case you want to get the license plate of any unknown person who pulls up. 



Make sure you find the right spots around the house for cameras with enough lighting. It can get difficult to view the footage if the light is not enough. It should be locations where the video gets captured during day and night since most cameras do not have a night feature.


There but not there

Cameras are generally a way to intimidate criminals to leave your house alone. The cameras should be in a place where it can be seen by the criminals but not close enough for them to disable it. Make sure to not place it too far away as well as it may not be able to capture details easily.



The terms of legality change once you shift to private property. It is not illegal to record people in public places so installing cameras that face the driveway and road are good to go but you should be careful while installing the cameras that film private property.

As a homeowner, you should be aware of the fact that when you record your own property you might also end up monitoring your neighbor’s lawn and entrance. If only these parts appear in the feed, it is legal. However, if your cameras are able to view their property, it is an invasion of privacy. This issue can be resolved by speaking with your neighbor.

You should know that you do not have unlimited access to record the inside of your home too. Guests cannot be recorded without their consent so placing cameras in guest bathrooms and rooms are a grey area.


Plan ahead

Make a blueprint of your house and not all the major entrances and sensitive points. You should have an estimate of how many cameras you need and the exact locations you want to put them. This will help you save time when the day of installation comes. Doorways and entrances are the most important in any house.


Wide Dynamic Range (WRD) cameras

These cameras are specialized to capture high-quality footage in areas of high contrast and places with extra lighting like doorways. It doesn’t get blinded by sudden light flashes and gives clear quality footage for you to view.


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