How to Teach Your Kids Personal Safety

Children are always a bundle of joy to their parents. Parents have so many dreams and expectations from their kids which is the reason why every parent has a concern about their kid's safety. As parents, it is our duty to educate our kids about personal safety so that they get the ability to decide by themselves what is right and what is wrong when parents are not around.

So, if you are thinking how to explain your kids about personal safety then in this article, we are going to share with you some of the personal safety tips which will be helpful for you to educate your kids.


Don't play with matches, knives or guns.

Kids are innocent and they always have curious thoughts about how things work. Usually, they learn things by just watching and observing. So, it's your duty to explain how these sharp objects or fire-related things like a matchbox and so on are harmful to them. Make them clear about all these facts in a smooth manner.


Ask your kids to inform you.

Tell them not to go with anyone without informing you. So, by this means, you can keep track of your kid's activities.


Emergency call number.

Explain your kids about an emergency phone number and make them memorize those numbers. Make sure that your kids know how to call emergency numbers from a phone. Also, ask them to memorize your phone number and home address as well so they can contact if any discrepancies.


Be conscious while crossing the road.

Ask your kids to look twice on both directions while crossing the road.


Educate them about uncomfortable situations.

Make sure that your kids know that it is not fine when someone might touch any of their private areas which might make them feel uncomfortable and how to react/escape from these types of situations.


Be prepared.

We can't predict the future of what will happen next, so, it's best to educate your kids on how to react to different situations and what all steps need to be performed in case of an emergency.


Stay away from strangers.

Whenever you explain about strangers it is important to explain all the scary factors on the down-low. Make it clear to them that not all strangers are bad and teach them whom they can trust like the Police, Firemen, Teachers.


Explain simple steps for scary situations.

Tell them that if they feel any uncomfortable or scary situation then they should take the following simple steps:

  • Step 1: Ask them to speak loudly and say No for uncomfortable things.
  • Step 2: Run away from the place. If they feel that the place is not good, then ask them to leave the place.
  • Step 3: Inform them to find any trusted person so that they can help your kids to reach you.


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