Mobile Security Threats You Should Take Seriously in 2019

Any kind of mobile threat can totally break your life balance. Nowadays everybody has a smartphone and anyone can be vulnerable to a mobile security threat in 2019. So, you need to make sure that you possibly understand all of these threats and come up with various solutions that would prevent the threats from destroying your life balance.

We have listed a few critical mobile security threats here which you must take seriously in the year 2019.


Wi-Fi Interference

If you want to keep your mobile device secured, then you must access a network connection that's totally safe. Many people just look for free Wi-Fi in the public areas. However, they need to understand that accessing such kind of network can turn out to be really harmful to them. Did you know that people in a corporation usually tend to connect their smartphones to a Wi-Fi network instead of using their own cellular data? Hence, in such cases, if the network is open, then it may easily allow the attackers to plan their attack over the open network. You must have a VPN in order to protect yourself from data theft when using an open network.


Data Leakage

Data leakage is considered to be one of the most common threats for organizations in the year 2019. It has been reported that when it comes to data breaches, nearly about 28% companies face at least one data leak incident every two years. Such kind of data leak errors can take place when transferring the files of the company over a public cloud storage service. If you paste the confidential information in the wrong place, then could cost you dearly.


Using Outdated Devices

Various devices such as tablets, smaller devices as well as smartphones which are together in the category of the Internet Of Things hold a new risk for the enterprises. They sometimes don't have the latest security updates. This is considered to be really common with Android. In the case of Android, various manufacturers are not able to provide constant updates. Most of them consist of a patching mechanism which is built in and that could become a huge threat in these days. Plus, an increase in the use of mobile devices would lead to a higher probability of a data breach. However, there are various Android devices that are blessed with constant updates. But some are not. Hence, the scope of IoT is really vast and a company needs to analyze all the points in order to ensure their safety.



You must consider these above points and understand that these mobile security threats could create a huge impact on your data as well as the revenue stream. It's best to take the advice of a security company to asses the risks and find possible solutions for your company.

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