Fire Service


Jeromy Scott, pictured to the left, is our commercial sales manager for our company, Security Alarms Fire LLC.  They install commercial fire systems, commercial access control systems, commercial camera systems and gate systems.

We opened this company to expand our customer base and better serve our community.  The codes for commercial fire have become stricter over the years, so the demand for better equipment and more employees have become necessary.

If you are interested in a commercial fire system, a commercial camera system, a commercial access control system, or a commercial gate system call Jeromy Scott at 800-725-5600, and he will give you a free estimate.  We use Firelite brand equipment for all commercial fire applications.  The Firelite equipment is UL approved.  We follow all NFPA72 guidelines and our fire monitoring is UL listed.

For our access control systems we use the DMP series.  We can tie the access control system into your commercial alarm system if applicable. Prices vary depending on the situation.

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