Monitoring Service


Our monitoring station provides monitoring for approximately 7000 accounts.  We have dispatchers there 24 hours a day 7 days a week to dispatch on alarms when they come into the main office.

When your alarm goes off it comes into our monitoring office via phone line or cellular tower and we know what is going off as far as a door, a window, a motion, etc.  We then call the location or a cell number.  By law we have to call two numbers before we dispatch the police unless we know it is an emergency.  After we call two call ups and we get no answer, we can then dispatch the police to the location to check the situation out.  If we get someone on the phone before we dispatch, then we ask them what they want us to do.  If we call the location before we dispatch the police and someone at the location answers the phone, they will need to give us an account number or a password.  If they cannot give us an account number or password, then we will dispatch because for all we know they could be a burglar.  Our dispatchers are also trained to answer questions about various types of keypads.  Any time you call our monitoring station you will be connected to a live person.  We might have to put you on hold to work an alarm, but we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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