Property and Business Protection during Quarantine

Turbulence and uncertainty appear to be the order of the day. It wouldn't be too far off the mark to say that these are testing times, where the dawn of each day brings a unique set of challenges. Personal safety apart, these are trying times for businesses and commercial establishments. In order for one to protect one's property or business, it is essential to first be aware of the threat perceptions.


With the economy going into a downward spiral, unemployment is growing by leaps and bounds. This, in turn, has manifested in a rise in crime. Small businesses that are struggling to keep their heads above water are particularly susceptible to the machinations of criminals, as they may not be rigged with security alarm systems. It is common knowledge that "when the cat is away, the mice will play. “The constraints of home quarantine may not permit business owners to physically take care of their establishments.


Hence the need to work with local authorities to ensure that the neighborhoods are patrolled. What also would help would be to secure valuable assets offsite? Most importantly, remember that your employees are your most valuable assets. Ensure that your team is safe and healthy. This way you can ensure the safety of your customers to a large extent.


Certain other measures that can help secure your property /business are as follows:

1) Make use of the access control system and manage access points at your business. This will help restrict entry to sensitive areas and you will receive a notification if an off-limit area has been accessed.

2) Ensure business security cameras are set to notify you in case of a break-in or unusual activity. Share observations from video surveillance with concerned authorities and nearby businesses which don't have them.

3) Installation of a security camera or a doorbell camera with two-way speech would allow you to speak with your visitor before permitting entry.

4) Use exterior video cameras to watch live-streaming and recorded HD videos from your security app. This can prove to be particularly helpful for those who need to remotely view multiple locations from an online dashboard.

5) Use automated lights to enable proper lighting during working hours and security lights for after business hours.

6) Use smart locks on storage rooms or entry points to restrict on-site time. Assign unique lock codes for employees or remotely lock and unlock doors for staff and deliveries.

7) Install temperature sensors to notify you about drastic variations in temperature. This will enable you to protect valuables and inventory. One could also include flood, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection while planning a security system.

8) Secure small valuables such as laptops from unoccupied buildings.

9) Use image sensors to take photographs when motion is detected as in when someone enters the office or moves behind a designated point.


Professional alarm monitoring can ensure that competent authorities are notified and that assistance is promptly provided. At Security Alarms Co., we are committed to providing expert security systems consultation, new installations, and efficient service, keeping in mind the client's particular requirements. We can suggest upgrades to keep your business safe. Let your vulnerabilities be our worry. Stay aware, stay alert, and join us in reducing crime.

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