Security Systems in a Post- COVID World

Currently, the world we live in is in a state of flux. The effect of the COVID pandemic is to be seen in almost all spheres of life. New norms are being established in practically every sector, be it health, education, or business. Far-reaching changes are also being seen in the arena of security applications. In these times of uncertainty, it has become crucial to pay attention to security systems both at home as well as business centers. Certain trends in the field of security systems are becoming increasingly evident


It has been established, without a trace of doubt, that the spread of COVID can be controlled by reducing the 'touch factor' in public places. Minimizing the touching of doors, buttons and other devices can help control the spread of harmful pathogens. Touchless biometric readers, where users are not required to touch anything at all are a safe, efficient, and hygienic step in this direction. In the commercial sector, payment gateways like Paytm and Google Pay, do not necessitate the handling of cash. Voice control technology also plays a big role in helping us go 'touchless'. It is already being used with smart home assistants created by Amazon, Google, and Apple. To quote Darren Crawford, Vice President, Commercial and National Accounts Guardian Protection," With contactless biometrics we have crossed into not needing physical contact is typically high -touch transactions". Yet another rising trend is an intrusion and access control merged with automated door openers. The owner continues to have control over the business security aspect while customers can move in and out of the establishment without having to touch the door.


A person's body temperature is a critical indicator of his/her health status. Thermal cameras help detect a person's body temperature. A security camera could warn you beforehand if your visitor is running a temperature. Moreover, it could keep you apprised about the wellbeing of your employees.


Virtual appointments are gaining ground in the present day scenario. Virtual appointments enable security professionals to provide expert advice and take a tour of the prospective client's home/business by means of a smartphone.


The COVID outbreak has resulted in an increased shift towards wireless security, requiring fewer hands-on maintenance. Wireless security allows for remotely accessing, troubleshooting, and repairing most problems.


Artificial intelligence can control how much people need to touch things. Biometric technology involving a combination of cameras, artificial intelligence, and intrusion control can identify a person by measuring and comparing their facial features. Artificial intelligence can also be used in video surveillance. This technology has the capability to restrict the entry of people into your home and also control who arms or disarms your system. For example, if someone attempts to punch in your security access code, an unexpected activity alert will be sent by your smart camera, if that person's face doesn't match the person assigned to that code.


The importance of familiarity with the myriad benefits of a security system cannot be stressed enough. Right from access to emergency medical assistance to keeping one's home and business safe, the installation of security systems is the need of the hour. At Security Alarms Co., we endeavor to provide you with solutions for all your security needs. Contact us and rest easy.

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