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9 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Mail Slot

Burglars have multiple ways to enter a home; some enter through the first floor while some enter through the main door. One major cause of worry is the mail slot. Burglars are known to slip wires and cords and use them to unlock your main door.   Here are 9 ways to make your mail…
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How Smart Security Can Help Protect Your Parents and Help You Worry Less

Are you worried about the safety of your parents and family? If so, you should probably consider installing a professionally monitored security system for your near and dear ones. Start by asking yourself the following question:  Is their neighborhood unsafe and prone to crime? Are they aged or do they have difficulties with their health…
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Property and Business Protection during Quarantine

Turbulence and uncertainty appear to be the order of the day. It wouldn't be too far off the mark to say that these are testing times, where the dawn of each day brings a unique set of challenges. Personal safety apart, these are trying times for businesses and commercial establishments. In order for one to…
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