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How Energy Efficiency Can Increase Your Home’s Value

In these difficult economic times, it’s important to figure out how increasing your house’s energy efficiency can generate a higher market value for your home. It’s not a step to just cut energy costs or increase the overall value of your house, it is also a step to increase environmental awareness amongst homeowners.   1.…
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A Hands-Free Solution for Smart Home Automation

The COVID-19 situation has forced most of us to stay in the safety of our homes for months together. People find themselves spending more time working indoors and spending time with their families. During such times, it is a safe option to look into services that will ensure a safe and manageable stay at home.…
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5 Easy Ways You Can Secure Your Home Before Traveling Abroad

Securing your house while on vacation is just as essential as securing the items you bring with you at the destination. When going on a vacation, it is vital to give proper thought to your home security. A house left unsecured while you’re traveling is a tempting target for witty criminals. It is imperative that…
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