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The 5 Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems

Security has become a crucial aspect of our lives especially due to the uncertain times we live in. Along with home security, it is also essential to secure the workplace. Video Surveillance Systems are the solution to all security related issues. A video surveillance system has multiple benefits:   1) It can be an effective…
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Security Systems in a Post- COVID World

Currently, the world we live in is in a state of flux. The effect of the COVID pandemic is to be seen in almost all spheres of life. New norms are being established in practically every sector, be it health, education, or business. Far-reaching changes are also being seen in the arena of security applications.…
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How to Keep Your Internet-Connected Home Safe and Secure

Homeowners nowadays are adding more and smarter gadgets to their homes. From thermostats to security cameras, an array of newer devices are making their way to your home. While some devices offer features like remote monitoring, some others use data to help you in optimizing your home. However, any device which is connected to the internet is at…
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