The 5 Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems

Security has become a crucial aspect of our lives especially due to the uncertain times we live in. Along with home security, it is also essential to secure the workplace. Video Surveillance Systems are the solution to all security related issues. A video surveillance system has multiple benefits:


1) It can be an effective deterrent in lowering the rate of crime. Many businesses are spread over large tracts of land. This allows miscreants greater accessibility from unmonitored areas. With a video surveillance system in place, you can ensure complete security for your premises. Moreover, video surveillance not only keeps thieves and vandals at bay but also catches criminals in action, in case of theft or burglary. Also, many nonretail businesses encounter theft in the form of company property theft or intellectual property theft. More often than not, the perpetrators are the employees themselves. Video surveillance systems can deter such activity too.


2) A secure environment works well for businesses because the employer and the employees, both enjoy peace of mind. Employees can work freely without fear of theft or intrusion. These lower stress levels in the workplace. Moreover, employees are less likely to worry about harassment in the workplace.


3) The knowledge that they are being monitored can influence employees to waste less time. Statistics reveal that eighty percent of the average workday is spent on things of little value. Surveillance footage can be used to reward employees who do good work and also to counsel those who tend to fritter time. Additionally, the footage can prove to be useful for HR and training purposes too.


4) Video surveillance technology is a boon to as far as HR issues are concerned. Office disputes are an undesirable but inevitable part of workplace culture. Video surveillance footage can help resolve disputes between managers and employees or even employees themselves. Additionally, not all cases of harassment at the workplace are reported. Video surveillance technology provides the HR department with incontestable proof including timestamps and replay able footage. Some systems also have the ability to record audio. This allows HR to make decisive and conclusive decisions.


5) By installing a video surveillance system, you stand to gain substantial insurance benefits. Besides lower insurance premiums, your business is protected against liability and harassment, and false workman's compensation claims. Not only is the possibility of a crime at the workplace reduced, but you also run a lower risk of being sued.


Video surveillance systems are time tested equipment that is easy to maintain. With advancing technology, these days there is a wide variety of gadgets to choose from. Besides guaranteeing round the clock access to live footage and status reports, irrespective of location, video surveillance systems work out to be more economical than hiring security officers.


An added plus is that they are less obtrusive. At Security Alarms Co., our team undertakes a complete and detailed assessment of your business needs, in order to provide the perfect security solution for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

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