Top 3 Causes of False Alarms and Simple Ways to Prevent Them

Everyone relies on the alarm system for the protection of their homes, properties, and loved ones. The last thing you would want is a false alarm which results in undue stress and excessive worry. This even slows down the rate of emergency response from the police and other security agencies to real and actual emergencies.

Whether you like it or not, false alarms are inevitable. This doesn’t imply that you have to put up with them. However, you need to understand the root cause of these false alarms before you can determine the right way to prevent them. False alarms are mostly caused as a result of human errors or mistakes. According to the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA), 80% of different cases of false alarms are caused by the error of the users and could be easily prevented. Here, we’ve put together a few of the causes of false alarms and a few of the ways to prevent them:


1. Improper Arming and Disarming

Mistakes on the part of the user such as entering wrong passcodes and allowing the passage of too much time before entering the correct code prompt false alarm. In preventing this, you need to check the passcode you’ve entered to make sure it is correct before you proceed.


2. Power Problems

Weak batteries and power outages can bring about false alarms. It is, however, essential that you have your alarming system running with a standby backup plan for powering the system. With this, you do not need to worry about false alarms caused as a result of power outages.


3. Failing to Secure Doors and Windows Properly

If you do not close your door or window properly before setting your alarm, it could prompt the occurrence of false alarms. More so, a loose or faulty door could also trigger false alarms. In fact, the loose cracks of your door or window could allow the passage of external elements such as rain and wind. This could set off your alarms.


Now that we’ve revealed some factors that can be responsible for false alarms, you also need to know about the ways of preventing the occurrence of false alarms. Some of these include regular inspection of your security systems, proper training of users of the alarming system, usage of pet-friendly sensors that detect pets of more than 80 pounds of weight, and so forth.

If there are further areas of concerns, get in touch with a professional technician from the Security Alarm Co.!

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