We’re All Worried About Our Older Parents. What’s the Solution?

It is only natural for us to start worrying about our parent’s safety once they reach the age of 60. A study conducted revealed that people tend to worry about their parents five times a week. We are constantly worrying about them and start to find new ways to keep them safe.


The best solution is to just keep checking up on them. But this becomes difficult too, if they are living in an assisted living community and with the new social distancing norms, we might not be able to meet them as often as we would want to.


1. Worry about parents

Once our parents turn 60, we worry about them 5 times a week on average. Our most common concern is their health, vulnerability to crime, and the fear that they’ll endure pain in silence. Parents typically choose not to bother their kids with problems simply because they are the parents. Sometimes we may be too far away to be able to give support in case of an emergency or be able to provide physical and mental support.


2. Checking in does not feel like it’s enough

Most of us do a good job of constantly keeping touch with our parents and check up on their health regularly but our worries persist. We keep in touch by calling them, visiting them in person, by using video calling apps or by email. Some of us even manage to squeeze them into our daily routine and some families have a system of checking up. People find so many ways to handle this problem just to be able to keep their parents safe and happy.


3. Fast life makes it difficult to stay in touch

Our lives have become so fast and so modern that it makes it difficult to stay in touch with our parents. Work constantly keeps us busy or family does. Sometimes we live so far that it makes it cumbersome to go meet them. Technology is a great boon but sometimes our old parents are not very comfortable using this new complicated tech or they are just bad at answering the phones. There are a lot of obstacles that come in the way.


4. New technology is helpful

Thankfully, some of our parents are up for learning new technology and are utilizing it to the fullest. Video calling apps like FaceTime, Whatsapp calls and Google Duo are helping families see each other as often as they wish. Mobile technology has made it so much easier to stay connected with our parents even while being on the go.


Some parents even believe that they would feel much safer if they had video cameras in their house.  This makes it easier for us to check in on their safety whenever need be. Security cameras are very important when you think of your aged parents’ safety. They should be able to see their driveway and entrances and so should you. Security cameras are a way of ensuring their safety and keeping them away from crime.


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