What Is A Short Circuit? And Why Is It Dangerous?

Short circuits may occur accidentally and can damage your home and appliances. Here is some information to get you started on what is a short circuit and why is it dangerous.

What is a short circuit?

A short-circuit takes place when a part of a wire carrying current touches the other wire and gives the electricity a path of less resistance. Briefly, a short circuit gives the electricity path of least resistance between two points, which means the short circuit will produce more heat and lead to burns and fires.

What causes short circuits?

Shorts can be a result of a variety of problems. Take a look at some of the most common short circuit causes.

  • Defective Insulation: An old or faulty insulation permits neutral and live wires to touch, and thus, may cause a short circuit.
  • Loose Connections: Electric attachments can loosen, and sometimes allow the neutral and live wires to touch leading to short circuits.
  • Household Pests: Household pests like mice, rats, and squirrels may at times chew on wires. This can also cause neutral and live wires to cross and lead to a short circuit.
  • Appliances: Old or broken appliances can also develop short circuits over time. So it is recommended to get them inspected by a technician regularly.


Why are short circuits dangerous?

Short circuits are abnormal electric connections which allow additional electricity to run through your switches, appliances, and outlets. The additional heat generated by the extra electricity can also cause fires in the affected wires and reach the flammable parts of your home.

Bare or broken wires and chewed or damaged cords can also prove to be a cause of a short circuit. So if you spot a stripped or damaged cord, you must unplug it immediately.

Also, make sure that your conductive materials are well insulated and there is no risk of your electrical equipment leading to short circuits. It is also important to check your electrical equipment after regular intervals. Avoid winding or folding wires tightly, and also do not overload the circuits with too many plug-in or electric devices.


In case or short circuits or any other security threat to your home, a home security system can prove to be really useful. A security system can alert you as soon as a short circuit happens so you can take measure to avoid a bigger damage. Plus, a security system will also keep you and your family safe from many other security threats.

If you are looking for more info on short circuits or security systems, get in touch with our friendly staff today!

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