What Should I Do During An Emergency Or Burglary?

Being experts in security alarms, we often get questions like "what should we do if we witness an accident in our home?" This question may sound over-anxious, but it is a very normal thought which can come to anyone.

To deal with this,  you need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. But how? Follow these steps which will help you deal with a break in or emergency in your home.


1. Make an evacuation plan.

Whether your house catches fire or a break-in happens or there is a burglary, you must have an evacuation plan in place. You should sit with your family and carve out a plan in presence of everyone. If you have children, then plan so an adult can bring them out of the home at the decided place.


2. Maintain silence and calmness.

In case you have a burglary in the house, you must remain calm and not make noise. Doing this will help you in protecting yourself and your family from any further potential harm. In emergency situations, you can go to the nearest room with a door and close it gently to lock it if you can. While doing this, you can also try to listen to the clues and help get yourselves out of the home.


3. Dial an emergency number.

This is the first and foremost thing you need to do when you sight any danger or accident occurring in your home. Your mobile phone should always have these numbers on speed dials and be fully charged. After listening, or gaining information about the intruders, you need to immediately report this to the operator.

You can also tell the operator which room and on what floor the burglar is located. The operator can provide help and advice so you should listen carefully stay on the line until the help arrives.


4. Make the right choices.

When you call an emergency number, the operator also might ask you if you can get out of the home safely. If you can, then this is the time to make your move and get out of the location. Go directly to the planned meetup point and if you cannot make a safe escape, stay in a locked room and remain on the call with the operator till the police arrive to get you out of the place. When the police arrive, confirm the same with the operator so they can give you further instructions.


Although we hope that such accidents do not take place in your home; still it is best if you are prepared for the worst. Installing a security alarm system to make you aware of any danger is highly recommended to keep your family and home protected.

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