Your Guide To The Best Wireless Home Security Cameras

It’s a fact that wireless home security cameras are more comfortable and convenient than the one with the wires. Wires are known to mess the architecture up. Our favorite security cameras are all wireless. All they need is a secure Wi-fi connection and an electrical connection or battery.

And that’s why today we are discussing a few top wireless security cameras available on the market. Explore the pros and cons of each of them to make a wise decision.


Wyze Cam Pan

This small camera is able to scan your whole room in a period of about 3 seconds. If you don't prefer it scanning the whole room, then you can make some adjustments and make it scan only the area that you set. You will be amazed by the motion tracking feature of this camera. The camera will also catch each and every action of a pet as well as a child. That's how awesome the motion sensor of this camera is. Now we might know who ate the doughnut! The only downside of getting this camera installed is the power cord. This will certainly limit the options about where to place the Camera.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Pan Scan 360-degree coverage
  • Amazing Motion Tracking
  • 14-day free rolling cloud storage


  • Power Cord Is Wired
  • Motion Tracking Is A Bit Rough
  • Motion alerts (Hit & Miss)


Arlo Pro

This is one of the best security cameras in the market. It might well be at the top of our list if not for the Wyze Cam Pan. It's totally wireless. No need to worry about the power cord. Plus, we know it to be the most flexible Camera available in the market. It can work both outdoors and indoors. You will observe a crystal clear image under artificial light, on sunny days as well as in the dark.

You will find it really easy to install. One of the downsides of this camera is that the motion sensor is quite sensitive, and it can get quite annoying at times. Plus, you are spammed with a lot of useless alerts. Furthermore, you will be required to buy a base station as well, which is the main reason that we have placed it at #2.


  • Totally wireless
  • Installation Process Is Simple
  • Works indoors as well as outdoors and in the dark as well
  • Smart Home Integration


  • Costly
  • Base Station Is An Absolute Must
  • Motion Sensor is Oversensitive


Canary Indoor Security Camera

It's an indoor home security camera. It is known to combine various home security features such as environmental sensors and sirens along with smart home security camera. The design is small. By small, we mean really small. However, don't be fooled by the small design. A lot of features are known to be inserted in this small camera. However, one of the major downsides of this camera is that the night vision capability of this camera is limited. It is only able to see 20 feet in the dark.


  • Siren, camera and climate monitor
  • Integration Of Alexa
  • Adapt to the new technology
  • Emergency services direct connection


  • Night Vision (20-feet range)
  • Some features require a subscription
  • Mobile Application Is A Lot Buggy



There are a lot of security cameras available in the market. However, if you want to buy the perfect one for your home, you should seriously consider buying one from the three mentioned above. And if you want to get them installed right away, we are always there at your service. You just need to contact us, and we will be at your doorsteps at some time!

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