5 Common Fire Hazards In The Office

Fires at the office places can have a devastating effect on businesses. The loss of data and lives can may be something organizations never recover from. Minimizing the risk of office fires and trying to prevent them firsthand is crucial. The first stage is to identify the key fire risks associated with the given environment.

Here are 5 common office fire safety issues and steps which you need to take in order to protect your business.


1. Damaged power cords can lead to fires.

Offices typically have a variety of electrical equipment like computers, monitors, photocopiers, printers, lamps, kettles, etc. Over time, electrical wire casing may get damaged and worn which exposes the inside wiring. This inner lining carries the risk of electric shock and sparks.

To reduce the risk of fire due to damaged cabling, inspect the wiring for all electrical equipment on a regular basis and replace them if it is becoming worn.


2. Combustible materials in the office.

One of the reasons that fires spread so quickly in offices is because of the abundant combustible materials. Loose paper, packaging, waste bins and damaged furnishings can be a breakthrough for fires. So it is essential to keep such items in check and dispose them off after they are useless.


3. Blocked walkways and fire escapes may delay evacuation during a fire.

It is essential that all office corridors and walkways are kept clear so that access to fire escapes does not remain restricted. Restricted walkways can delay the evacuation of a building. Furniture, waste and other objects must never be placed close to or in front of the fire doors.


4. Overheating of electrical extensions presents a threat of fire.

Improper use of extension may result in the risk of electric shock and fire. Overloading electrical sockets may cause them to overheat and burst in flames. Everyone needs to pay attention and ensure that these extensions are evenly distributed and that not too many appliances are plugged in.


5. Fire dangers from computer equipment and laptops.

Generally, computers are considered to be very safe and not much of a fire risk. However, there are a few fire safety considerations associated with the use of computers.

The main issue is the heat which computers produce as they have the potential for overheating. Laptops can also pose an issue if placed on soft surfaces for a long period. Thus, laptops should only be kept on hard surfaces like desks and they should have a breathing space so the cooling systems can work properly.

You also need to instruct all the employees to turn computers and monitors off while leaving the office at the end of the day. This can reduce the risk of a fire starting in the office due to overheating of the machine.

Fire Risk Assessments Are Essential To preventing Office Fires

All offices and workplaces are different, thus it is important to have a regular risk assessment on your premise to establish a proper plan to deal with any emergency.

One more very important thing which can help you to prevent the risk of a fire break out in your office is a fire security alarm system. As Security Alarms Co., we help you with exactly that. Our expert team can install fool-proof security systems for your office so you can be protected at all times!

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