7 Crime Prevention and Home Security Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Home burglaries are a matter of worry for every homeowner. You may have planned for your home security by putting steel bars around your windows, or adopting a dog, but home security needs more than that. According to the National Neighborhood Watch Association, homeowners need to take a three-tier approach for keeping the burglars away: deter, detect, and delay.

Here are seven useful home security tips which every homeowner should know.


1. Check the loopholes.

Stroll around your home with the eyes and mind of a burglar. Look for loopholes like loose sliding doors, broken glass, removable window unit air conditioners and so on. Also, check which expensive items in the home could come in view of the burglars.


2. Always lock the door.

It may sound much obvious, but according to the BLS reports, more than 40 percent of burglaries happen due to unlocked doors or windows. So, to avoid this, you can install deadbolts on doors, or choose from the variety of keyless smart locks for full proof security.


3. Do not label your keys or mailbox.

Avoid labeling your keys or mailbox with your name or address because by doing this, you will only end up being a target of burglary or intrusion.


4. Secure your windows and doors.

In a few homes, doors may be popped out of the frame, even if they are locked. Place a sturdy steel bar in the back groove and prevent the door from sliding out of the frame to open up. You can also fix a nail in the frame to prevent the window from opening up extensively.


5. Create an illusion.

You can deter the burglars by creating an illusion that someone is always home.  Leave the lights on, keep the radio or television running and if you are going out on a vacation, then do not talk much about your absence, ask someone to pick up your mail and newspaper so that no one gets an idea of your empty house.


6. Secure the area around your home.

You can trim the bushes and trees as they might be hiding places for the burglars. Also, avoid planting shrubs near the windows; instead, you can consider planting thorny shrubs in the compound. Make sure that you add subtle but bright lighting outside your home.


7. Install a home security system.

An effective alarm system includes sensors at entry points, motion detectors inside the house, and an outdoor alarm which can alert the neighborhood in case of intrusion and burglary. The threat of an alarm system is enough for keeping the burglars away!


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