A Hands-Free Solution for Smart Home Automation

The COVID-19 situation has forced most of us to stay in the safety of our homes for months together. People find themselves spending more time working indoors and spending time with their families. During such times, it is a safe option to look into services that will ensure a safe and manageable stay at home.


We, at Security Alarms Co, have the best deals and options for you to choose from. With the latest modern technology and solutions, we bring to you the smartest and safest way of managing your home.


Our new smart home automation system is linked intrinsically with the Amazon Alexa voice command system or with any home assistant of your choice and will enable you to control everything in your house with just a click or a command. Our main job is to make your living easier. 


Step one is to connect with us so that we can install our smart home automation system in your house and sync it to your home device. Once that is done, it is only a matter of time until you figure out what option lets you fully control what part of the house.


With this innovative and modern technology, you can effectively maintain a routine and create customized solutions for each space. If you are in the mood for ultimate relaxation, all you need to do is pick a phrase, set the settings you want, and say the magic words. Your favorite music, your preferred temperature, and mood lighting will be set almost instantly.


We make it absolutely easier for you to control your home’s sound system, climate control, lighting, and security system. You can efficiently control all of this not just while you’re at home but also when you are on the go. It is also possible to lock your doors and keep your house safe with this smart solution.


Our smart touch panel and voice recognition system has a wide range of microphones which gets activated only at the sound of your voice. Our installers will input the voices you approve and only they can control this system. You don’t have to worry about security anymore as this is the whole package. 


Collaborating our smart home system with your choice of the home assistant is probably one of the best decisions you can make for your house and your family. Make sure to get it installed by our certified personnel to ensure that we can help you in case of any queries or problems in the future.


We, at Security Alarms co, are all for making your home a safe and smart place for you in every way possible. We provide for all your security needs in one place and be rest assured, we keep you and your surroundings in mind. We install residential and commercial security systems, camera systems, commercial fire systems, gate systems, access control systems, and central vacuum systems. Visit us at Security Alarms Co to know more!

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