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We’re All Worried About Our Older Parents. What’s the Solution?

It is only natural for us to start worrying about our parent’s safety once they reach the age of 60. A study conducted revealed that people tend to worry about their parents five times a week. We are constantly worrying about them and start to find new ways to keep them safe.   The best…
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Top 10 Home Security Apps for Android and iOS Devices

One of the important aspects of home monitoring is home security apps. This helps you view your security footage on your mobile from anywhere and anytime. There are various home security apps that are compatible with Android and iOS Devices.   In general, there are two types of home security apps. First are the Proprietary…
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How to Set up Spy Cameras Around Your Property

As humans, we undertake all vital efforts to protect our precious assets. Our house is one of the most precious ones amongst all. To protect that asset, you need a considerable amount of security which is available in numerous forms today. The most effective method is to install a doorbell camera and general surveillance cameras…
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9 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Mail Slot

Burglars have multiple ways to enter a home; some enter through the first floor while some enter through the main door. One major cause of worry is the mail slot. Burglars are known to slip wires and cords and use them to unlock your main door.   Here are 9 ways to make your mail…
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